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Working for SGP India has been a fantastic experience. I joined SGP India in 2019 as a QA engineer. The company is super supportive and maintains a flexible work culture. The company provides good learning opportunities and time for innovations. We have a great team, always happy to lend a hand or share advice, experience, or knowledge. The best part of Netreo is everyone here is very approachable. I've never felt hesitant to reach out to anyone. My manager and cross-team members are extremely supportive. When compared to other companies, there are fewer perks, but the company enables us as employees to grow and feel passionate about our careers and work.
Praveen Malviya
QA Manager, Netreo inc
Working with SGP India for a year has been, in fact, a really enlightening experience for me. It is a company that gives everyone the chance to develop and flourish both professionally and personally. At SGP, peers are incredibly supportive, talented, and like a huge family who are always there to help when needed. Additionally, SGP takes a very proactive approach to the welfare of its employees and frequently hosts activities. Overall SGP India has been one of the best places to work.
Akshita Singhal
Sr. Marketing Manager- Netreo inc
The way Software Growth Partners has evolved over the period of time with their investments in the right companies in the market shows its remarkable effect on the market and the amazing efforts invested by the internal teams in making it a people-centric company providing various growth opportunities, i.e. professionally and personally is commendable. I recommend everyone there in the industry to work with Software Growth Partners if you want to see that positive growth in your career. The company has provided me with a great opportunity to work with Netreo Inc. which has given me a broad spectrum and different horizons to grow in my career.
Harsh Wadhwani
Manager- Security & Compliance, Netreo Inc
Working with SGP has been a great experience. Working on super complex problems that have not been explored before, It has helped me reach great heights by offering me new learning opportunities and strengthening my skills. I would say SGP is a place to work where we can 'Achieve More Together
Kiran Kumar Narra
Sr. UX Desinger, Netreo inc
Flexible working hours, appreciation for work, work-life balance, great leadership, friendly work environment and many more. This is how I would define my life at SGP has been for the past 1 and a half years. I’ve learned so many new things in a short span of time.I was assigned responsibilities very early after joining, fine-tuning my decision-making skills. It has offered me new learning opportunities and strengthened my inherent skills with its rich and diverse organizational culture. I got exposure to a lot of technical stacks in a short period and would like to go ahead and do the same for a long tenure with SGP. In my 20yrs of work experience, working at SGP has been the best experience so far.
Pushpalatha Kowlgi
Sr. Technical Writer- Venio Systems
My association with Venio has been more than a year. More than working, it's been a constant phase of learning and enjoying what I do all this time. The team is spread across the world and its never seen slightest difficulty when I want to reach someone anytime, anywhere, and in any situation. team has been extremely supportive when it comes to communicating issues, concerns or anything that needs attention. Working from home for more than 3 yrs now, it has been a brilliant combination of trust, togetherness and the zeal to complete the tasks in perfection. The management is extremely professional and transparent about things happening around them, and everyone has clarity on the developments. Although I am good with what I am doing and what is happening, I would like to spread my wings for more challenges, so that I can bring out the best and contribute the utmost for Venio's success.
Raju Kadlimatti
Manager : Accounts & Finance
It's been almost 4 years working with SGP R&D India Pvt limited and definitely it's been a wonderful experience for me. It provides tons of opportunities to foster and grow both professionally and personally. It has a cluster of different domains and technologies that helped me not only to learn my own domain, but there have also been a lot of cross-functional areas for my overall career growth. I Never find difficulties when there is a situation to project my thoughts and make it valuable to support the organisation's growth. A very strong Leadership team with extensive experience in the market and a vision toward success. Never go wrong with SGP, if you have been given a chance to be part of it. I'm sure it will be a jewel in the crown for your career.
MadanKumar Murugesan
Sr. QA Manager- Netreo inc

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Tambola Season 2
Tambola Season 2
Celebrating Women’s Day
Tambola Event
Tambola Event
Celebrating International Yoga day 2022
Celebration at SGP India
Celebration at SGP India
Celebration at SGP India
Celebration at SGP India
Celebration at SGP India

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