SGP India was founded in 2018 with the vision of enabling cutting-edge Software Research and Development for portfolio companies of Software Growth Partners, USA (SGP USA) in India. By expanding its offerings in areas of Customer Success, Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Administration to the broader market, SGP India has made a positive impact on the growth trajectory of its partner companies, while the growth and fulfillment for our employees. SGP India has worked on highly innovative projects with industry-leading companies. The unique operational model of SGP R&D India allows partner companies to:

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Meet our Leadership

Sumit Garg
Founder and Managing Partner

Sumit is a technology investor/executive with 20 years of experience in the industry.

Amit Mittal
Director, SGP India

Amit has 18+ years of experience in seeding, scaling and spearheading software teams. He is Engineering Director at Venio Systems.

Richa Maheshwari

18 years of experience in Operations, Strategy, Program, and Team Management across Online Advertising, IT, Financial Services, and Consulting Domains

Our Values

Our three Core Values have sculptured our corporate culture since the very beginning by providing us with a framework for leadership and daily decisions. Together with our corporate strategy, they act as the guiding light behind our clear communication, quality assurance, superior performance, and professional integrity.

With these values, we strive to delight our employees and our partners. They define who we are and what we stand for. They are the foundation to which we align every activity performed in a responsible and sustainable way in the company.

Our core values define who we are and what we stand for. They are the foundation for how we do business in a responsible and sustainable way.


We earn the trust of our partners and employees through compliance, security, and transparency, by ensuring everything we do is consistent, coherent, and with the highest level of integrity.

Our work environment is open, honest, collaborative, and family oriented and we understand that true collaboration can only exist in an environment of trust.

We build a foundation of trust through loyalty and precision!


We believe that an open culture distinguished by mutual respect, ideas exchange, and commitment towards a common objective impact the overall productivity of a company. Our best work is produced by enjoying collaboration as a team and supporting each other every day.

We extend this team mentality to our clients, who we consider to be our partners, as we approach every business as a partnership and work as a team toward meeting our common objective.

Our teams deliver client work efficiently, organized, profitable, and happy!


We as a company deliver innovations by employing a top-notch workforce. We empower our team members to do their best by providing a work environment that is essentially built on the belief that when a company takes great care of its team, the team takes great care of our partners.

Our group companies are key partners in delivering top-notch innovations through a success-driven culture that fosters a promise of value to be delivered.

We are committed to be the top-notch we can be in all that we do.

Why SGP R&D?

At SGP, we have earned our partner’s trust by delivering transformative technologies to ensure achievement, security and well-being of businesses and people worldwide. Our globally connected employees enable us to solve complex technology challenges and transform our partner’s businesses through our dedicated innovation teams. Our employees have dedicated thousands of hours to create a meaningful positive impact on the businesses of our partners.

Since its inception, SGP R&D India has identified itself not only through its leaders, products, technologies, and services - but by its fundamental values of trust and teamwork to deliver top-notch outcomes. Our values serve as the institution of our brand and culture, and parallelly delivering innovations that impact our company and the world.

Join Us

We encourage to create a culture of learning, diversity and development and are committed to strong ethics and company visions. In spite of the fact that our employees work across different geographies, we are aligned to our common goal of innovation and creating unique technologies with a responsibility to ensure a sustainable future.

SGP R&D is a place for intellects embrace change and seize opportunities to advance their careers and amplify customer success. Join us!