Raju Kadlimatti

My association with Venio has been more than a year. More than working, it’s been a constant phase of learning and enjoying what I do all this time. The team is spread across the world and its never seen slightest difficulty when I want to reach someone anytime, anywhere, and in any situation. team has been extremely supportive when it comes to communicating issues, concerns or anything that needs attention. Working from home for more than 3 yrs now, it has been a brilliant combination of trust, togetherness and the zeal to complete the tasks in perfection. The management is extremely professional and transparent about things happening around them, and everyone has clarity on the developments. Although I am good with what I am doing and what is happening, I would like to spread my wings for more challenges, so that I can bring out the best and contribute the utmost for Venio’s success.

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